Future of FTMC

[Admin] Makenshi posted Aug 27, 16

NEW WEBSITE AND ADDRESS TO CONNECT TO! Website is under construction so eh. 

www.gamersunity.net is the new address. 

FTMC is now in "anarchy" mode as it's been called. What this means is all donation level magic (excluding custom) is free to use in-game for the time being. Once anarchy ends, you go back to the level of player you were before, i.e. if you were a DS2 when anarchy hit, you get turned back into a DS2. 

Guilds can be created by anyone, just find the sign at the new temp spawn. 250000 jewel, make a guild. Top 20 guilds that fit into the criteria I chose will be used on the adventure map. 

  • 8 Light guilds
  • 8 Dark guilds
  • 1 Mercenary guild
  • 1 Thieves guild (Assassin guild per se)
  • 1 Merchant guild
  • 1 Independent guild

Anarchy is in effect until the adventure map is about half finished. By half finished I mean all builds are complete, and there are several hundred quests, a few dungeons, and all the magic is balanced and working properly. Not all of the map may be accessible at this time, however.  I have lots of plans, and they will take a long time to get implemented.

In the meantime, I'm opening up a giant network of servers. I'll have a prison mine server ready for public use in a matter of days, and with that, hopefully, a bunch of minigames as well.

The new network I'm creating won't be using Enjin. I'm developing a website off a template I bought, I'm going to switch to Buycraft, I'm going to host my own TS and Discord, and thereby eliminating over $100 a month in renewal fees. All my networks (5 currently) will be managed on one website. Basically, Enjin is too expensive for my end goal, which in just websites alone would be $150 a month. By hosting my own services, I only have to deal with Cloudflare, host renewal, dropbox, and one proxy server. $20, $121, $14, $10, respectively. Right now I'm paying $78 a month to Enjin, plus the previous renewals minus Cloudflare. So, current costs: $225ish a month, vs $150ish a month for future use. 

All donations will be carried over, however, I'm implementing a rule about all previous donations. Unless you bought a donation specifically for a friend, there will no longer be transferring of donations. Enjin made it easier to handle, and once I switch to my website, I will neither have the time or ability to change donations around so there are records. Even keeping the old donations is going to prove quite difficult. And by this, I mean keeping the donations on record so that if something happens I can just reissue donation ranks. Enjin = easy. Buycraft = no clue/no previous donations on record. 

On a side note, I'm looking for hard working, loyal, trustworthy and honest players for staff across various servers. I have 5 anime servers, 1 Factions server (going to have 3 PVP servers soon), 4 minigame servers (prison is an entire server, plus we're having multiple servers linked for various minigames like egg wars, sky block, skywars, hunger games, etc.), I'm hosting and co-owning a Pixelmon network, and I'll be hosting a mod pack network (various mod packs, the hub for this will require only forge so any mod pack can join, just not to sub servers).

I have a lot going on, and it's because I want to bring a new network into existence for the enjoyment of the masses. Please stick around and help this new network stand proudly in the world. I do this for the players and some personal gain. I'm learning multiple programming languages doing this :P

bellapabella I have tried all the ips and I still can't get on
xErzaScarlet It won't let me join. What's the IP and Port? I couldn't find it anywhere
AlienGalaxy ALAN! CLAIM THE MAP ! someone will ruin it!