[Admin] Makenshi posted Sun at 20:18

You know what. Until further notice FTMC is closed. We're going to start over on everything. I will retain prior donations so don't freak out. We're going to get the adventure map ready for players. 

All posting access is revoked unless you are a site admin. All drama will cease to exist, otherwise you will be banned on the spot for rule violating (check if you want, the rule has been there for months).

End of story.

So come to find out I apparently said "You know what. Fuck you all. You're all children and all I care about is your money. GIVE ME YOUR CASH. ALL YOUR BRAIN IS BELONG TO ME." http://prnt.sc/c8qefy
Not only can people verify that I haven't posted anything for even an hour before this supposedly happened, but an hour ago (from when this would have happened) I was eating dinner with my fiancee's family.

Quite a humorous attempt to make me look like scum. Everyone who has ever mentioned the money thing to me has never heard me say anything like this. I've needed money to have maps made, to buy hardware so I can host the server for free and never have a donation again, or to find developers.  

If you believe this, I'm sorry that you do. Its so easy to photoshop something anymore. I'll even ask you to report it to Enjin, since they can probably prove if it was ever posted before. Just... leave me alone Beboop, Goku, Kris, Aidan, and all of your groupies. I'm so tired of the crap. I'm genuinely trying to set up a server for people to enjoy. Its all that I can do in a time where I'm unable to find a job (and yes I'm looking) and its at the request of the original staff. They're happy I've taken FTMC so far, and you guys are just trying to ruin someone elses dream. You're pathetic. Just because you have this vendetta against me for banning people who break the rules, you have to destroy someones dream. How mature are you, really? Creating lies and rumors to make me look evil. I'm so far from evil I can't even begin to think that I have people lumping me in with server owners who charge $20 for 1 minute of /fly, who change paypal all the time to prevent chargebacks, and ban people for speaking their mind.

If I banned for speaking their minds, then how come I let Beboop stay so long. How come I argued with him, with Kris, with Goku, time and time again. You're immature kids who have no clue how the real world works. I'm not a money grubbing bastard you make me out to see. I'm a Navy veteran who has an injured back and can't get money to buy myself a McDonalds hamburger once a day. No, I can't get disability from the VA. No I'm not dishonorably discharged. I've 75 grand in debt from college, with a broken car, struggling to make ends meet every day. If it wasn't for my family and fiancee, I would be homeless or even dead. 

You kids think you know everything. I don't tell online people hardly anything about me because its not your concern. I just like seeing people happy, seeing them enjoy the server I was asked to keep going, and I like making new friends from all over the world. Minecraft is also my testing ground for java development. 

Right now, the amount of hatred some brats on the internet are giving me is astounding... All of my friends who know me are furious. They're upset. Almost worse than I am. Because they know what I've done to bring the server this far, or they know my real life struggles. You know what? When you kids who attack me get into the real world, I hope your eyes are opened to what you're doing. You think I'm a money grubber. Go buy a house. A car. Have insurance, bills, taxes. You have no idea what a money grubber is. You see all these over exaggerated stories on the news and in movies, but you haven't LIVED it. I've been an adult since before most of you were done pissing the bed at night and needing tucked in. I signed my life away to the government and I could have been sent off to war if I wasn't medically discharged during my A School.

So you know what. I'll be the bigger man here. I apologize to Beboop, Kris, Goku, Yoan, and everyone of their friends or anyone I may have slighted. I'm human, and I lose my temper just like anyone else. I firmly stand for what I believe in, and I'm sorry that our views on things were different. I may still not let you all come back to my servers, but if I continue hating children, it will just make me a bad human being. Enjoy your lives, and please leave me and my servers alone. Thats all I'm asking.